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In order to post an ad in the For Sale Forum, a member must pay a small subscription fee. To do this, go to the 'Settings' link located at the top right of every page. Next, follow these headings: My Settings -> My Account -> Paid Subscriptions. Choose the length of time you would like to have access for posting ads (month or year). You may post as many different ads as you want within the time frame you choose. Once the time has expired, all your ads will be deleted.


*Try to be descriptive with size, amount, condition, etc.

*Include the price. Any posting that does not include the price(s) will be deleted. Even if it's a link to Craigs List or Ebay, that item must have a clear description and price.

*Do not use all caps in the thread title.

*If you are listing multiple items, list them one line at a time. Try to avoid run on sentences. They are hard to make out.

*Include location and delivery options. Include delivery costs/charges if any.

*Provide full contact information. Full name, city, state, phone and email are required. Listings that don't include full contact info will be deleted. We've seen too many people post ads selling bees/equipment that have taken members money and not delivered the goods, so we are now requiring vendors to "put some skin" in the ads.

*When item sells, or offer pending, please mark the FIRST post in your thread as "Sold Out". To do so, click "Edit" on your first post then chose "Advanced Edit" then select the "Sold Out" icon in the lower table. Then click "Save". Any problems, PM the moderator.


*Questioning a price publicly is not acceptable, if interested, PM the seller with your offer.

*Negotiations are to be made privately, through Private Message (PM), email or phone call.


*This section is not for conversation and discussion. Members pay to post an ad, so we expect you to show respect and only post here if you are truly interested in purchasing the item.

*PM/Email post's will be deleted. ie "Sent you a PM"

*If you think the item listed is over priced. Keep it to yourself. Every seller has the right to price their goods as they see fit. If they are over priced, they won't sell.

*If you feel the item is stolen, fraudulent, misrepresented, etc., contact the moderator immediately. You can use the "Report Post" function.

*Please don't bump (moving your post to the top of the page by posting "Bump") your ad more than once a week. As a rule, if your ad is still showing on the first page of posts, don't bump it.

*If you don't feel comfortable with buying or selling an item, or dealing with someone, then don't do it.

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