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Young Queen or Laying worker

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ok here's the story I started 2 hives this year, received my packages on Saturday May 17th, went to hive them Sunday the 18th. Opened my first package took out cork and there was no candy in hole and out my queen flew. Went inside and called the bee man and he said he would ship one the next day. I hung her in on Wednesday May 21st. On Monday May 26th I checked to see if she had been released and she had not, but there were many cells containing multiple eggs. I had remembered reading something about multiple eggs not being good so I grabbed my book. To my dismay all I could find about multiple eggs was laying workers and to shake the bees out. I did not think this was a good call for me as to this being such a new hive so I called a local beekeeper and she told me to manually release the queen so I did that. So I left things alone until today, Saturday may 30th. I can not find a queen, she could be right in front of me but I am new at this, but there are still a lot of cells with multiple eggs and also larvae. I have read that new queens can lay multiples for a few days but I am wondering what is a few days? It seems it would be too early for laying workers but to long for a new queen to lay multiples. So here's the timeline:

Sunday May 18th lost first queen
Wednesday May 21st installed new queen
Monday May 26th Checked for release, no release multiple eggs in cells, manually released
Saturday May 30th Multiple eggs in cells and larvae

Also here are some pictures from today.

Bee Beehive Honeycomb Honeybee Insect
Pattern Beehive Honeycomb Bee Design
Honeycomb Bee Beehive Pattern Insect
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I think you are ok. Eggs are on bottom and look right. Cells are not completely drawn in photo so worker could reach bottom. Looks like package situation, not enough drawn to keep ahead of laying. Larva nearly ready to cap on the edge of third photo, you will know in a few days.

Just because queen flew does not mean she did not fly back. Michael Bush advice is stand still for five minutes and see if she comes back. Looking at your larva, yours did not.
You had a queen there within the last 3 day is my belief as I see eggs. Young queens can lay multiple eggs in cells and again yours are on the bottom so I'm thinking no laying worker.
If you can't find a queen, look at frame now that has no eggs in various comb sections, then look back there in those same sections tomorrow. If you see eggs now in those sections, that previously had none, you have a queen but cannot spot her.
Thanks I'll keep watching and hope for the best.
If space is limited a queen will do that. I'm guessing you started out with zero drawn frames?
if you start seeing eggs on the sides of the cells or 5-7 eggs per cell, then it's time to worry about laying worker, I think you either have a young queen figuring it out, or like others have said, limited space and she's eager.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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