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I usually do not have a chance to give out recipes because of the contract I am under with my company but I was making dinner tonight and I decided to try something new. I havent submitted it to work yet so here it is....

Honey Glazed Curry Shrimp
yield: 2 people

12 prawns, peeled and devained
2 T kosher salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 tsp curry powder
1 tsp brown sugar

4 T oil (canola)
1/2 c your local honey

Clean shrimp and blot with paper towl

place saute pan on burner on high without oil

mix dry ing. and rub on shrimp

place oil in saute pan and get hot

place shimp in pan and saute on one side

flip shrimp over carefully and cook on other side

add honey and stir. Do not burn the honey and do not let it carmelize too much. The key is to keep the shrimp moving in the pan.


I like to serve in on a bed of rice... maybe a wild mushroom rice or a nutty rice.

these shrimp tasted soooooooooooo good.

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Chef, please refrain from posting additional tantalizing mouth-watering recipes especially spicey dishes involving seafood, honey, and other exotic fare, such as lobster or scallops.. As it is I periodically have to clean my monitor from when I spit coffee or Pepsi on it because someone posted something outrageous, now I gotta look out I don't drool on my keyboard too.



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I hereby cast my vote for Chef Isaac to have his
own section in the forum!

Thanks for sharing the recipe Chef!
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