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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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>Why don't people use blank foundation in their hives and let the bees make cells of varying sizes on their own in the brood frames instead of using small cell foundation?

Some people do. But the bees don't accept it very well. Foundationless (some kind of comb guide) is easier to do and the bees build comb with much more speed and enthusiasm than blank foundation.

> I know that some people do this, but I'm trying to address the necessity of small cell foundation at all.

Foundation is not necessary at all.

> It seems to me that if nature makes healthier bees, in terms of cell sizes at least, we should let bees do what comes naturally to them in those terms.


>My other question is, if bees are bred back to making whatever cell size comes naturally to them, does this hinder their ability to use larger cells for things like the frames in honey supers


> and does their smaller size limit their honey production or viability as pollenators in any way?


>This is just something I am curious about. I'm not sure that I am interested in running out and starting small cell frames any time soon, but I do wonder why the need for small cell foundation unless bees can't be bred back down to the smaller cell size without it for some reason.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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