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yesterday in Southern Indiana w/pics

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The sun was out and almost made it to 60 yesterday. Bees were out in force. Looks like 3 of 4 have done fair through the winter. The bad one I'm trying to figure out. Had a good population going into winter and was heavy. Throughout winter I found eggs on the bottom board(tray under screen). Lots of dead bees under hive. Since temps were good and lots of bees flying I decided to dig in for a peek. Still a small population and a little bitty queen but lots of bees on ground not going back into hive. Then late in the day I noticed streaking on the outside of hive. Hadn't seen the streaking until yesterday. I moved a frame of honey up to the cluster. If they make through to good weather I guess I'll treat with fum-b.

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sounds like you got nosema....long cold winter probable made it worse....usually does when they dont geta cleansing flight, good luck still got a ways to go to mid march and warm weather.
sounds like nosema go ahead and give them syrup with fuma-d B
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