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WTF are these larvae on my bottom board?!

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Hi, newbie here, I installed my first package ever about 12 days ago in a brand new hive (I inspected 7 days after install, all was looking good. Queen was good, lots of drawn comb and nectar, couldn't spot eggs but I probably was just missing them, I hope)

I have a screened bottom board with a pull out plastic tray (and the SBB sits on top of a solid bottom board). I pulled the tray just now and saw a dozen of these 1/4" long larvae squirming around. (see photo) When inspecting after the 7-day install, everything seemed just fine. I didn't look at every nook and cranny inside the hive but things looked super 'clean' in terms of the comb and such.

I have a mann lake hive top feeder, it has some ants that have found it (and some have drowned in there; I will slather the 4 hivestands legs in vaseline today) but no beetles or anything. There are no flies around the hive, etc...

After googling a bit, I'm now wondering if these actually be worker-bee larvae that 'fell down' somehow? (is that a thing that happens?)

UPDATE: A local beekeeper told me they look like hive beetle larvae and indeed they do, based on googling. Bummer. So I'll read how to fight them. I already read about hive beetle traps to catch the adult beetles that enter, and using nematodes (or permethrin to go the non-organic route) in the ground under and around the hive to prevent the larvae from pupating...

2nd UPDATE: Decided to inspect the hive just see what's going on (this is 12 days after the install). Couldn't see the slightest sign of hive beetles or larvae, and I nearly looked across every cell. I DID see nice looking worker larvae in maybe 1/3 of all the cells in the center 3 frames, so THAT'S good news. So hopefully there weren't a lot of SHB eggs and the bees are pushing them out of the hive.

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Hard to tell from the picture which is not all that clear, but given that you do not see SHB in your hive, I would suspect wax moth larvae. They make great fishing bait once they get full sized. They are also um, nutritious.

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That is one issue with a screen bottom board. The area between the screen and the plastic sheet creates a spot that bees can't clean, so there will always be some hive beetle and wax moth larvae in there if you don't clean it constantly.
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