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Wrapped Pears

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We have pears that are nearing harvest, I want to wrap some of these in paper and store them in a cool palce. I have a large refrigerator that I would like to use. 60 years ago I ate a wrapped pear that I still remember vividly, it was out of this world!
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Have never done that but did find a recipe in "The encyclopedia of country living" by Carla Emery.

Root Cellar Storage
Pears will not keep in storahge unless picked early and stored then!

Don't put any bad ones in the storage box. Box them shallow rather than deep.
It helps to wrap them individually in paper (not newsprint unless you're going to peel them). Keep them where it is cool. The ideal is 32-40 degrees F, 80 to 95 percent humidity. How long they'll keep dependes on the the temperature and the variety-maybe 2 or3 months, maybe even 5.
Use up or can up because pears stored overly long won't ripen normally when taken out.

Hope this helps.
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