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WpN Beekeeping Podcast - Screened Bottom Boards/Paraffin Dipping - 4/8

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April’s Wildlife Pro Network Beekeeping podcast will be a discussion on Screened Bottom Boards & Paraffin Dipping Equipment with our special guests Janet Brisson from Country Rubes’ Farms, maker of the popular Combo Screened Bottom Board.

Janet Brisson and her husband Mike have been a self-sufficient family and organic farmers for over 30 years. In 1995 they were forced to become hobbyist beekeepers due to lack of pollination as bees were loosing their fight against the insidious Varroa mites. Horrified to discover that even the most organic-minded beekeepers were driven to use some type of chemical to save their bees, the Brisson’ researched and started building and using screened bottom boards along with intensive drone brood management to reduce their chemical use. After 10 years and various adaptations of SBB’s, they re-discovered using powdered sugar as an effective way of detaching Varroa mites and have been chemical free since the beginning of 2005. One final modification of their screened bottom board to make using powdered sugar easy, the Brisson’ developed their product, the Country Rubes Combo Screened Bottom Board, that has become nationally available to beekeepers. Janet’s program “Healthy Bees & Environmentally Friendly Varroa Control” discusses how to monitor and manage your hives, bees and varroa mites using screened bottom boards, powdered sugar, and drone brood manipulations has been given at Conferences and clubs throughout the United States.

Join Us on April 8th for our podcast with Janet Brisson.

So mark your calendar (or sign up for the reminder at the link below) and plan on joining us for the conversation and share your experiences and/or ask your questions. Hope to see you.

What: WpN Beekeeping Podcast - Screened Bottom Boards & Paraffin Dipping Equipment - Janet Brisson
When: Thursday, April 8, 2010 8PM EST

The schedule of future podcasts and recordings of previous podcasts can be found here. You can also sign up to get an email reminder the day of the podcast.

Directions on joining and participating in the podcast can be found here.
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