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We have been using a bee vac similar to the Bushkill vac for several years . On ours it is split so that bees go into one half and we can put brood in the other half and then lift the hinged divider at the end to allow the bees full access, but its time for a change and was interested in the Bushkill Bee Vac design.
I was looking at the sticky thread on the Bushkill bee vac and see it doesn't show how to make the bee excluder section that allows for a box with cutout sections to be united with the bees vacuumed.
Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for getting hold of something suitable for this.
I know I could probably use a sheet of #8 mesh but was concerned that when pulling this out there could be problems with the bees being tangled.
Had thought about putting some brush strip on the inside to try and encourage them off but still not sure this would be good.
I see on a couple of videos showing the bushkill vac that there is a brown plastic excluder - does anyone know who can supply these?

Any ideas will be gratefully received
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