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Checked my hives today as the weather is going top go rainy the next 4 days or so. Plus, I have two Porter queens coming this week. Want to requeen one and make a combo hive/split. Anyway,I had a swarm come into an empty hive I had on May 8th. They superceded that queen, and then superceded the next one. This one one is going breakin the records. Wall to wall capped brood with some spots like hygenic (hopefully). Two deep brood and they have some honey in the third. I had made a split off that one but they have superceded the queen twice. Two weeks ago I couldn't find queen or new eggs. Some capped brood and larvae. Just for insurance, I gave them a frame of eggs from the mother hive. Today, no queen cells, or remnants of one. Honey in the brood nest. Might still be early to see eggs I guess. I had made a nuc from a hive at my partners hives. Had eggs,,,,,today I found fresh eggs. Hummh,,,,,then I saw her,,,,,I accidentally snagged the queen. Oh well, actually, that hive is HUGE. Has two deep supers full plus more in the brood which is 3.5 deeps. I think it will be good for them to make their own queen and break the brood cycle.
Since I've been on this forum,,,,,seems like I'm doing more things correct and less second guessing.
Thanks all
Rick SoMd
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