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Wintering in Montana

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Well here in sunny Great Falls it is -5 F this Monday morning. We have a couple inches of powder on the ground and the ski slopes are opening record early. Supposed to be back in the forties in a day or so and the snow will melt as the literally three feet we have already received this fall! It is strange hearing people asking questions about time left to feed for winter! My bees are on internal stores and any welfare I add on the top bars until April when nectar will appear again. It is going to be a long winter!
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That's pretty cold, Vance.
Here in the Denver area we had 70 degrees yesterday and it was 13 this morning.
Tomorrow will be 60's.
How the bees manage to deal with all that is beyond me.
Not quite as cold in Eastern WA, but I too chuckle when people are still talking about feeding. That ended weeks ago!
Yes, feeding ended weeks ago, here. We had a +12C day last Sunday, bees died in the thousands, diving into the snow or onto frozen decks.
Another 2” of snow yesterday. Hopefully just the end of last season’s foragers. Spring will tell.
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