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One way to winter compact verticals - in groups of six on pallets and wrapped.

It seems the bees are so cozy they don't even stick to compact clusters (bad or good).
The fellow says they are wintering "excellently".

Hmm. Just now occurred to me...
I can see very well how such compact verticals can just sit in groups of four (my preference) year around and just be managed so in-place.
Groups of four for a better access without standing in the bee traffic.
Little better against the drifting.
Wrap them for the winter as a unit.
Unwrap them for the summer as a unit.
Strap them all together into a single unit for a stability so they are securing each other - less of a worry of tall towers.
To me personally, this is a new idea (stolen from Lang migratory beekeeping - applied to compact vertical beekeeping)
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