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So, Spring has finally arrived here in Maine, and gave me the opportunity this weekend to go deep into the hives and rotate. I seemed to have had a larger die off than I remember in past years (only a couple as I'm still new). I had four colonies, two weak ones and two strong. The two weak ones succumbed and the two strong survived. Sighted both queens, but no brood as of yet, just starting to bring in pollen.

In my strongest colony, it entered winter with a 3/4 of a deep and 80% med super full of honey. The peculiar thing was that they seemed to move above the deep full of honey into the medium super, and almost all the medium was out of honey, yet the deep below was chockerblock full with only a frame or two in middle having been used!!! There were some dead bees between frames, so perhaps they couldn't cluster?? I did put on a candy board for safety of which they ate some. Can anyone help explain the movement based on what you've seen in your experience. Just curious..

Also, with so much honey on this colony, is there any need for me to add sugar water at this point, where honey is more "nutritious"? Does this stimulate brood production?

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