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newwbeek question
take a mini mating nuc,with mini frames all drawn out,place queen cell in mini nuc,place a fue drones and 40 or sow girls,5/8 ent hole,feed heavy suryp.
queen hatches,mats,starts laying,move queen and bees to starter hive with brood from other hives.and a fue trays of bees.
wouldent this be a split,but with a queen i raised.
i only have 1 hive,and im fasinated by the science of beekeeping.ive built all my own equipment,and diddent get bees till i cot a sworm.i can get q/sells from friends,and my own hive.
i hope i explaned what im after,eny sugestions,tips,help,gr appre:popcorn:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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