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Will this work for ventilation?

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I want to prop up my outer cover to aid in ventilation and was thinking of placing my propolis traps on top of the inner cover to prevent robbing and other creatures from getting into the colony thru the inner cover hole. Will this work?

I have supers on both colonies that contain a little honey, post-extracting. The bees are congregating on the front in our hot humid weather. It might be best to remove the inner cover and just have the propolis traps on with a propped up top.


Thanks, Donna Marie
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A propolis trap FILLED w/proplis may not allow much ventilation.

If you are concerned about "robbing and other creatures", why not screen the whole top of the super w/ 8x8 mesh wire, then block up outer cover to provide rain protection. An open top and open SBB (remove tray) gives lots of air flow. I use it in "humid" Indiana every year
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Hey Dave,

I live in Indiana, and have a few questions for you.
Do you leave the SBB on through the winter?

Also, many of us are getting very little capped honey this year due to humidity. Hows honey production in your hives with the SBB and no tray?

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I don't know if I'll get yelled at on this or not. The last two inner covers that I built I had to use round top screws. The two hives these are used on I've had little and no bearding. I didn't notice it until a few weeks ago when we were getting ready to visit family out of state. There was about 1/8" - 1/16" gap and with a SBB this may have been enough to keep things moving, but not too much. I think if it works well through the winter I may change them all to that.
Donna, I know I'm becomign redundant, but. . .slatted racks. The best things I've ever done for my hives. The ones Betterbee sells have the slats running in line with the frames so the varroa aren't impeded from falling right through the rack and the sbb. Notaclue gave good advice, and I think your inner covers already have those round-top screws--or popsicle sticks or something--don't they? At any rate I use those two methods and my bees aren't bearding at all.
IndianaHoney . . .

>Do you leave the SBB on through the winter . . .
Yes, I never remove it. I close off Screened Bottom Board when nights begin to cool (late September / early October).

>many of us are getting very little capped honey this year due to humidity . . .
I'm sure high humidity has an impact. But, have you been providing an IN-HIVE water source? When it's HOT, bees can spend a lot of there time look for water, gathering water, AND COOLING HIVE. Maybe they dont "have time" for capping

>Hows honey production in your hives with the SBB and no tray?
Seems great! But, I havent done it any other way
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HI all, yes I have round top screws on my inner covers already.
Have not found a source for slatted racks for 8 frame hive body, if anyone knows of one, please pass it along. I would want the slats to run in the same direction as the frames to let my SBB do its job.

Thanks all, Cheers Donna
I simply place a 1/2 or 3/4 block between the inner and outer covers. I've never seen robbing result from this gap nor do I think that it causes a real threat to the hive from intruders. I almost never see bearding in my hives and southeast VA is hot and HUMID. I back down to about 1/8 to 3/16 for the winter.

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I prop up my outer cover by sticking plastic push pin tacks in the front two corners of the inner cover. Then when adding the outer cover you have about a 1/2" gap for air flow but this keeps the cover centered over the super....and no wedges or pieces of wood to keep track of when opening up. If you are worried about robbing or intrusion just cut out some 4" X 3" pieces of # 8 hardware cloth and staple it over the center hole of the inner cover. With the SBB I have had no bearding at all this summer and this interior of the hive is staying dry.
"have you been providing an IN-HIVE water source?"

Yes, well kind of. I use entrance feeders to provide water.
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