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2nd year Beek,

I just checked on my bees this afternoon. about 1.5 weeks ago I added 1 medium super to each of my 3 hives. I added them just above the deep brood chamber. On two of the hives this super was only the second chamber. On my big hive, I inserted it right above the deep brood chamber which meant it has a deep and a medium on top of it for a total of 4 chambers, deep,medium(new),deep,medium. Sounds ****eyed but I am trying to migrate to all medium boxes. I was hoping for them to draw comb and place brood in the new medium and replace all of the brood in the deep above it with honey. I just checked them and they have drawn out the new medium with nectar filled comb, all of it is nectar. The top medium is all capped/uncapped honey, I did not check either of the deeps. I had to add two supers to the two smaller hives also whereas they had filled the medium super with a combination of drone comb and nectar. Out of all 3, none of them placed any worker brood in the new supers I installed right above the brood chamber. It appears that they are big on nectar right now.

My question is, Will they expand the brood chamber while a heavy flow is on? Or will they keep packing new mediums with nectar? Seems like they are just content with only one deep of brood. No signs of swarm preparation in any of the colonies. I am slighty worried from inexperience that if the big (deep,medium,deep,medium) only has brood in the bottom deep, there will not bee enough new generation of bees to support that volume as the summer progresses.

P.S. I put a foundationless frame in one of the mediums and it was solid drone comb!! kinda crazy to see.

Im in NE okla, thanks
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