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will there be enough bees

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March 28 - I did a split into a 10 frame deep with about 4 frames front and back of eggs to capped brood, and all the bees that were on the frames.
April 7 - added new queen but she dissappeared
April 18 - second queen was released and doing ok
April 21 - with just a quick peek I saw some eggs, and the queen so I assume she is laying and doing ok.

My question is, there havent been any eggs, or capped brood for a while, although I dont know the exact date of when the last bee hatched, but there are no "new bees". There seem to be quite a few bees left, like a 4lb package worth or more, but will they be able to live long enough to take care of these new eggs and to see these new bees start to hatch, or are the bees getting old and gonna all die before the new bees start hatching?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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