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Will the bees clean out this frass and web from the comb?

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Here's a couple of shots of some wax moth damaged comb. Will the bees clean the frass and webbing up and out of the tunnels?

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The pics are blocked for me (not your fault...) but if there is a lot of webbing it's a lot of work for the bees to remove it. If there is only a little I would let the bees clean it up. A lot, I would cut out the comb and save them the work.
The comb shows minimal damage the bees will clean it right up.
make sure to put those frames in the freezer for a day or two first.
I guess it couldn't hurt, but I wouldn't bother.
I would put in a poker and pull out that web. I bet it will come out in one pull. Save them the work.
If the holes are in the bottom of the cells I would trash it they can't repair the damage and therefore can't use the cells. I get real brutal when it comes to the moth damage. use the plastic foundation and you can just scrape off the bad parts.
Sure, they'll clean that right up. Not much damage there.
Thanks everybody for the feedback. I salvaged some of the frames but some were beyond hope.<sigh>

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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