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My situation is a few new hives that were started with packages this year, using all medium 10-frame equipment. These hives built slowly and I added the third brood box a week ago. The flow is on and they have filled the top brood box with honey. I added two more supers on each for honey. I suspect they starting filling with honey because of the flow. Perhaps I should have added more space when the flow started, but I had two hives fail from chill brood (nights haven't been very warm) and I'm thinking the extra space made it difficult for them to keep brood warm.

My concern is that by filling the third box with honey they are cramping brood rearing and there won't be enough bees to maximum honey. They also might decide to swarm.

I'm thinking I could move some of the honey into my honey supers and replace with empty frames (in the center of the box) so they'd hopefully put brood there. They also could just fill with honey, although I'm thinking with the extra space they might put the honey in the top and make more brood.

Or, perhaps the bees will open the brood nest when they see more room.

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