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will queen lay on foundation

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Just did my 3rd inspection at exactly 21 days after hiving 2 packages italians an carniolans. One had brood that had emerged yesterday (20 days) and the other one had brood that was emerging during the inspection. According to dummies book it takes 20 days for brood to emerge. I marshmellow plugged both queens. I used new plastic foundation. So ether the life cycle is shorter then expected or the queens were laying on bare foundation. Either way I'm happy. Just curious.
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Egg laid to emerging time varies due to strain of bee and the temperature of the brood nest. Eggs kept in an incubator at steady brood nest temperature varied from 19.1 to 24.1 days for worker brood in a Canadian study. I have seen eggs laid on foundation that had cells with walls about 1/8 to 3/16 inches high. The workers built the cells to keep just ahead of the brood development.
I too have seen eggs laid on foundation with the cells just started. Queen is really ready to get things started.
What AR said.

i havn't seen eggs on bare foundation, but once the walls are being constructed. I would say its common in a package or a small queen-right split when there are no fully drawn cells to lay-in and the queen is ready to go.
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