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Will Queen Cells Get Repaired

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I am experimenting so I created a split by taking frames from a few different hives and putting them into a NUC. Some honey, pollen, brood in various stages and a frame with eggs. After a week (yesterday) I inspected the NUC to see if the bees had made any queen cells. Sure enough they did! :), BUT, 3 of the 4 queen cells that I found were damaged because they were adhering to more than one frame. When I seperated the frames it damaged the cells:doh:
The one remaining queen cell is smallish. After giving myself a dope slap, I pulled another frame of eggs from another hive and put it in the NUC. Will the bees repair the damaged queen cells? (just a little wax missing from one side). Will they produce more queen cells with the eggs I put in, even though other queen cells are present? Should I go back in and cut out the small queen cell to prevent it from being the first to hatch? Trying to undo the beekeeper induced damage, any advice is appreciated, Thanks.
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I've had no luck with them repairing Q cells. Putting that frame of eggs in there was smart. They'll let you know what's going on.
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