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Will bees except a laying queen over the virgin queen in a hive

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March 31 I open my over winter hive. Nice day, sunny 70*. I found the queen and decided to mark her. Not the best decision i've made. Things went well so I thought. April 14 I went back in the hive to make sure she was laying. The bees were so hot that I just closed the hive up. Never seen them like this. After thinking about it for another week April 19, I was sure they must of been queenless so I when in again. They were nice and calm but I did find 5 hatched emergency queen cells. The problem is there are no drones in any of my hives here in central Michigan. So I am thinking I have a virgin queen that will probably never get mated. Today I purchased a mated queen. I put the queen in the cage on the top frames and the bees seem to except her. They were not biting at the cage and I could easily move them with my finger. So I am confused on wether there is or is not a virgin queen in the hive? I took a frame of emerging brood from another hive with a little honey and put the mated queen under a push-in cage. Just her no attendants then stuck it back in the hive. I plan on coming back in 3 or 4 days and check to see if she is laying and wether they have actually excepted her.
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The stranger queen will lose to the virgin.
I guess I would agree with that but why do they seem to except the laying queen? Anytime I have ever laid a queen on the top bars with a strange queen to the hive in it, the bees would try and kill her there. This is not happening. Is this telling me there is no virgin queen?
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