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Long story short we had a great hive feel the need to re-queen in the middle of the flow. We actually heard the piping coming from the hive one night while peeking at the supers. 2 weeks later checked and no eggs. We decided to let the hive go so we would have a good supply of drawn frames for next year. Checked again today for the hell of it and no eggs but the last frame I was going to check there she was. Now I have a 2 deep with only 1 frame cleared for her to lay. Top box is all nectar and capped with the one cleaned out frame, and the bottom box is almost all bee bread. With that being said do I add foundation or let them clear it out? I still have one super on this with some room to bring up if they choose. Also Im not sure if I should get rid of some of the bee bread. Never seen almost a full box full of it.
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