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Wildflower Meadows Queens

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I have decided to try an out of state source this time for a few VSH queens this spring and have narrowed it down to a couple of options including Wildflower Meadows. i am interested in any reports from people that have used their queens before. I also have read some reports of VSH queens, in general being less robust honey producers. Is that a general consensus or just a few isolated cases. I am located in SE Texas where wintering over characteristics are not important. I am interested in any comments before I place an order.
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I got some queens from WildFlower Meadows last year. I'm liking them so far. They get good honey for me, they need less treatments than any other bees I've kept in a few years now. I'm deciding that the bee genetics is very important, having bees that are naturally mite resistant is very important to me now, I'm tired of treating to survive all the time. Mites are very strong in my location, and these Wildflower hives do well for me here so far. I ordered a couple more this year to requeen failing hives from other well known breeders.
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