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Jared - the frame feeders that I have are made to only take up one frame space. If you have similar that was your first mistake. You should have put in the other 2 frames. You might also consider going to top feeders that sit over the hole in the inner cover. I prefer them myself and no longer use the frame feeders.

What to do with your wonky comb? You could consider cutting them in half and then holding them in place in foundation-less frames with rubber bands or wire. That would let you save the comb. If there is honey in them it might be a bit messy but the bees should clean it up. It might be worth it to save the combs. The bees expend a lot of energy making comb.

You should update your profile with your location. It helps people to respond if they know your local conditions. Good luck!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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