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Wierd requeening idea: Moving queenless hive to an area with more drones?

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Background: During inspections today, I found a small hive that's gone queenless. I wondered where I could get a mated queen locally (drones are just hatching and being capped in my hives at least). After considering various solutions for getting the colony queenright, a crazy (for me) idea occured to me. What if I moved the colony to another part of the state to get mated?

I know people have drones and swarm cells 2 hours south in Richmond, VA. I'm down there frequently - so why not give the bees a frame of brood and haul them to Richmond? I'm thinking the queen would be better mated than if I left it in my beeyard.

What do you think?
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Sound like a plan to me. My biggest problem with queens I've raised too early was they didn't get mated properly and would become drone layers before fall.
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