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Why I started beekeeping [link]

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Hi there, appreciate the forum and wanted to share my story and why I got started.

As I've shared my story people have been very intrigued by bees and interested in keeping them.

At first I was in it for the honey but now I've really switched gears. Take a look at my blog post and let me know your thoughts, thanks.
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Great post Adam. I really like the part about getting your kids interested in beekeeping.
I enjoyed your blog post. I just started this spring and my reasons for getting into bee keeping have also evolved. I wish you the best in your bee keeping ambitions.
I love the reference to understanding God better. And I have actually used reference to my bees in sunday school class when we were doing a lesson on finding our purpose. I correlated the operations of a hive to the operations of a church. Often times people are called to do little things and for their own personal reasons either feel they are above those jobs and want to do big things, but not everyone can be a queen bee. It takes a whole colony of workers with different jobs each just as important as the next for the entire congregation to succeed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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