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why doesn't a hive with poor queen supercede?

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One hive has a queen that is laying very poor patterns of eggs. I have a frame of newly drawn wax where the eggs are laid just a few cells together, then some empty cells, then a few more. The capped brood is all the same, but I've confirmed with observing eggs that it is the queen and not hygienic behavior. I know I need to requeen, but I am also curious: wondering why a colony with an apparently failing queen would not made supercedure cells. I know bee behavior is a mystery but I'm still asking the question....
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We blame pesticide residue in the comb. The queen still has stinky feat, but can not provide the eggs as she should. Off with her head.

Orrrrrrrr. Put her and half the brood above the excluder. Leave a frame with eggs below. The Queen smelll seems to move up better than down. They MAY raise a new queen downstairs, with the old queen still laying SOME eggs upstairs.

Crazy Roland
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