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The other day I walk in apiary and see two hives swarming! That's what called energy in the air! First time I saw such a fascinating picture. Both landed on the tallest branch of an apple tree. So later standing on a 30' ladder I had a philosophical thought of how I could potentially prevent this. And (put aside little more forward looking management practices) if I came couple days before that event I had two options:
- Taranov split, claimed to be be just like what's going on in nature but executed to control/prevent swarm. Which splits hive in to nurse bees left with their queen on one side and forager bees with all the brood plus QC left in an older hive.
- Demaree method, which claims to be just like bees do in nature and can either prevent swarming or facilitate controlled split/prevent swarm. As that method executed hive would be split in to nurse bees left with brood and QC in one part and foragers and queen in the other part.

So, these two are sort of opposite but both claim to be replicating natural bees behavior. Am I missing something? I must be.
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