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Got a call (7:00 pm) from a fellow employee, MJ, who had a swarm in his front yard tree. Easy catch, 9' up in small tree, used step ladder and two 5 gal buckets.
Late evening, 71 degrees, overcast, just before rain. Bees extremely docile. Misted inside of bucket with sugar syrup cut with Hony-bee-Healthy. Couldn't cut branch, so held bucket and gave branch karate chop with fist. Plop,plop! All went well. Remaining bees congregated on side of bucket, I slid cover back and most marched in. Appear to be Carniolins.

You could really see they liked the HbeeH, as they congregated mostly where I misted the sides, that stuff must be the equiv. of "Love Potion #9"... Anything that had it on attracted the bees.

Got home about 9:20 (drizzle), had hive stand, medium box w/plastic foundation, no inner cover, no outer cover. Dumped both buckets of bees (4 #), put piece of indoor paneling as lid, covered whole affair with garbage bag (now raining), stuck in entrance reducer and headed for the house. Everything seems ok this a.m. (checked them in moderate rain) Assuming rain will keep them in the hive for the time being.
No stings.

I was adamant I was going to stay to just 5 hives, but hey!, who's gunna say no to 4# of free bees???? :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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