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white sweet clover seed and white clover seed

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I found a source for white blossom sweet clover seed.
Nixa seed and hardware in Nixa, MO
Talk to Larry 1 (417)725-3512

They had a good price on regular white clover seed as well (better than I have been able to find locally by $1.50 a pound). They also have the inoculate for the seed. The white blossom was $2.46/lb. Cheaper if you by a whole 50lb sack. That's not bad for pure white blossom sweet clover seed.

The best deal on yellow blossom sweet clover is still Camp 9 in the for sale section. If he still has some.

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We spoke to either our Conservation or Farm Extention office that had seed bags, i thought they were selling some really reasonable so you might wanna check it, if you can find Organic even better , Best Wishes, AJ and Denise
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