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white in comb

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beautiful day in the pacific northwest, so i opened up the box and cleaned out the sugar remaining from the mountain camp feeding method. +brood in the box by the cluster, yay.
the bottom box that I was removing was mostly just empty comb, but there were a few areas of bright white filled comb. I did not recognize this from any of the books. It was so bright that i did not think it was sick brood. i poked at it with a long pine needle and it was firm. Tried poking another area that looked less smooth, more granular. I figured it might be from the sugar, so my husband tasted it and it was sweet (he is so brave). Has anyone seen this before? My husband is still alive, so i figure it is ok to use the comb for the nucs I am expecting in a month or so.
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I would think it was the sugar that you supplied them,& it was just not used by them.
I've seen it a lot in the hives that was feed.
could be the dry sugar you fed them.
Honey will crystallize in the comb also, when the bees uncap it they only pull out the liquid honey and leave the crystallized sugar behind.
Is it chalk brood. I have never tasted chalk brood so I don't know if it is sweet. (I'm not so brave). Geoff
I got this a bit in the brood area where I fed them sugar water. They put it into the cells and it crystallized. I extracted a bit of it and it crystallized all the bottles it touched. I'm doing the same and just feeding it back to them.
If it's sugar, why bother cleaning it out?
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