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At lunchtime, I stopped in at one of my beeyards and I happened to notice that it looked like a small swarm had congregated below my SBB. They had even drawn some wax. So, I took the hive apart just so I could get the bees under the SBB and when I smacked the bees into a small nuc, I noticed that the bees didn't want to stay in the nuc.

And while I was bent over trying to understand if I had gotten the queen in the swarm that I collected, when this huge mass of bees descended around me landing on multiple hives of mine. I think that they were headed to the mass of bees underneath the SBB and that I interrupted them from their final destination.

I had to go back to work and when I got back in the early evening, I noticed that even the bees that I put into the nuc were long gone. it was bye bye bees, goodbye happiness.
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