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Which feed idea is better

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I have two walter kelly feeders I think they are. Advertised as 8 frame feeders but they outright lied on the
advertising and its really a 5 frame in volume. I have these OR I can put sugar direct on the hives. I wont return
to my hives until memorial day weekend. I really have yet to feed hives, other than using these stupid 5 frame
feeders once and some emergency sugar a month ago that I think was likely a very good idea.
My hives have had enough honey and enough natural feed sources that feeding has not been warranted on
my part. This spring is very late, cold, and rainy though. I do not think there is enough feed for them right now.
Temps for the next 10 days looks good, but chance of rain about every day or every few days. I think rain will
wash out much of the avaialble nectar for them. So... I think I need to feed. What method does everyone think
best? OR other ideas??

Also.. those from the central NY area, feel free to chime in about nectar and pollen coming in, or lack thereof.
I am not sure the flow is on, or low or not at all ?? I saw someone from Ithaca post recently. Would love to
hear from you, as my yard is about 20-30 miles from you.
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The actual space for sugar water in the feeders equates to 5 frames wide. The actual width of the
unit fits perfect on top of the 8 frame box. Just not that much space for sugar water. I agree about
not feeding during a flow. I doubt its on though, yet but should be in a week or two hopefully.
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