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Where's the best place to get honey labels and plastic containers

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Hello all this will be my first year selling and bottling honey, I need to find the best/cheapest source for labels, containers,etc.... All help is appreciated. I want to know how everyone goes about with doing all of there's!!!
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Find a local print shop and see what they can do for you. I don't know where to tell you to go for plastic containers, not in IL anyway. Dadant's maybe?
I've used for my printing needs.
Brochures, business cards, signs, stickers and labels. I make them up when I have time and just leave them in my cart until there is a sale and free shipping

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I use Office Depot. Costs 15 cents or so a label. When I get it tuned perfectly I will try a mass print.
If you want to go all custom then check out the blank labels at and and . Each sheet will cost about $0.60 to print at Office Depot as Eastside stated above ( anywhere from 4 to 30 labels per sheet). If you are looking for a design then I went to and placed a job (bidding) with them . The designer that did my labels I also worked with them off line to do my business cards. I already had an idea with what I wanted the label to look like along with the size. The one thing I found out is check to make sure either you can get precut sheets or you are doing a normal size before you send off to the printer.. I had mine printed here and had 500 printed fore about $60 shipped. The ones I had printed at Office Depot turned out with better color
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I took a picture of grandkids and had the people at office depot put my text on it. Then they printed them on avery labels. Not the very best but are attractive labels and reasonably priced.
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