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Where to put brood bar in

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A little swarm shy after last year. Started a hive in April and they swarmed in late June I think it was. Put an empty bar in last fall and that bar is drawn out now with brood in it. Today I put another bar next to that one. The bars behind those both have capped honey in the top.

Should I put another bar right in the middle of the brood again? O yeah I neglected to say I put a bar in the very front of the hive as well.

So much pollen coming in it is falling through the screen.

Just trying to stay ahead of them if I can. The queen is a Carnie. I hear they will explode brood in the Spring. The activity in this hive is as heavy as I see any other warm part of the year.

Just grateful too they made it through the winter.
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As long as you have at least two bars with brood together you should be good. So if your first bar is mostly pollen, and the next two brood you could put one there. I don't know that putting it at the front of the hive will help as much. Are they building comb down there already?
Thought the one in front would make them feel less crowded. I probably should really get in there and see exactly what I've got, but I am reluctant to disturb them right now too much. When I look up through my bottom screen, they are all toward the front in like the first 4 or 5 combs.
You should be good to get in there next weekend, looks like you are going to warm up by then.
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