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Please help me out. I hope I can explain this situation clearly.
I'm in my second year and have a small dilema that I'm sure you will be able to
help me with.

I had two hives, a strong one and a fairly week one going into winter in Utah.
This spring the weaker hive was dead and the stronger one was growing like mad.
The hive has 2 large boxes and 2 supers on it right now. I had left the 2 supers
with honey on for the winter... I didn't want to harvest it last Fall.
The hive is TEAMING with bees and even I can tell this hive has to expand or swarm.

I've purchased a colony of bees to replace the dead hive.
I've also got another complete hive to split the very full hive.

A neighbor has asked me if I would put a hive on his property because he thinks
it will help his very large garden thrive. He lives about 300 feet away from me.

Do I split the hive and put the split on his land, or put the new bees on his?
Any great hints or tricks on splitting?
Do I put the new bees in the old drawn out dead hive or the new hive?
I have had a couple beeks check out the dead hive and it does not appear to
have any disease that caused the loss.

Thanks for the help every one.

Having a great time here in Central Utah!


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the bees work an area about 2-3 miles in diameter so put the bees where its convienient to you, they will visit his garden anyway. good luck,mike
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