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Here is one merchant:

I have no experience with that company, and simply found them through a websearch. The search phrase "Bumble Bees (Natupol®)" seems to generate a variety of possible vendors.[

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I do not know where you can buy them.
A quick Google search turned up a bunch of results. You may want to narrow down what type you're looking for, by what's perhaps native to your region.
"Bumblebee" is a term that describes A LOT of species.


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Are any of your plants flowering yet? I see dozens of bumble bees every day on my redbud trees. Blue salvia, dahlias, bee balm (Monarda), any of the winter greens (rapeseed, turnips, mustard, collards) is left to flower, crimson clover are some of the plants that will attract bumble bees.
There may be many bumble bees already around you that would be attracted if there were food sources for them.
Also look into making a mason bee house or buying one, simple to do and will attract native bees.
This site says commercially raised bumble bees will spread Nosema to the wild populations. Threats & Conservation Efforts | Xerces Society
Maryland's native bees:
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