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Where can you get a good deal on small honey jars?

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I wont be harvesting this year but i always like to look ahead and look for bargain deals. I just have 2 hives but i plan on having 80% extracted honey and 20% comb honey...Is that a good estimated ratio???...I have already ordered Qty 24- 1 lb jars and 8 oz jars in plastic and 250 labels from Dadant & Sons Inc. I already have about 30- 1 1/2 lb plastic jars in stock! I was thinking about cutting the comb, placing it in a round slender 1 lb jar and filling the rest of the jar up with pure honey....Does that sell alot better then just packaging the comb seperately or should i go ahead and do all the above????.....Im sure there is alot of different oppinions and preferences so im just trying to get some feedback and some good advice! Thank you for all your help!!!!
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Yeah i ordered them exact same bottles from Dadant & sons...Im in search of a unbreakable jar i say about 3-4" inches round and 5-6" inches deep! You know the lid jars to where you can fit atleast a 1x1x6 inches deep...I like the jar to be long enough so the cut comb will fit without any trimming needed! Then fill the rest of the jar with honey! I have 1 jar like what i described, i got it a year ago from a country store, it was used for the same purpose! I would like to purchase about atleast 50 jars between now and the end of the year. So im in no hurry, i wonder if flea markets would sell items like that??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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