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Where can i purchase comb honey containers?

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Im looking to purchase small square comb honey containers to sell comb honey! I was wanting to know where i could find such containers that i need for a good price??? Any links to the product would be helpful!! So far all i have seen is what is at the beekeeping stores and i think they want entirely way too much money for the quanity of containers that you would receive! I believe i seen 50 crystal round containers for 50 bucks...I would have to add a $1.00 to my price per package to make up for the cost of the containers. Way too much!! I know there has to be something out there where you can buy atleast 100 plastic containers for $25 as an example..There has to be! Any help here would be appreciated! Thank you!!
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Dadant & Sons has them. Thats where I buy mine. I would look online but call to order. It is quicker than the website ordering. Not sure why about that. Mann Lake is REALLY expensive! Dadants is half the price for clamshell box's.
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