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I have a standard off-the-shelf 10-frame Lang. setup. My climate in far-northern California is Mediterranean. It gets very hot in summer and is supposed to be 104F by Wednesday (although that is extreme for this time of year). Yesterday I made a 3/4" entrance/vent hole in the super which I currently have screened.

With that information, here is the question...... If I am not seeing any robbing activity is there any reason to use an entrance reducer this time of year? I have a screened bottom board but have been keeping that closed due to the chilly nights we are still having (or were until very recently). With the upcoming heat I plan to remove the board from the screened bottom.

I did a forum search for this thinking it would be a common question but didn't find anything. If there is already extensive discussions here please feel free to point me the right direction. Thank you all.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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