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I use something similar to the cozie but the insulation is only about 3/8 inch thick. Last spring when we had some very warm days in the third week of March, I was concerned they might get overheated and took them [wraps] off. Well, all the hives [3] eventually dwindled away and died, :cry:. They all had small clusters to begin with. This year I waited until March 31st and the new hive is doing well. I don't know for sure if removing the wrap too early was the cause of the hives dying of course.

Eventually you have to do a major inspection of the hives, and to remove the wrap and then replace it seems unnecessary. May 24 does seem too late even for Canada, but I don't live there. If no one responds from your part of Canada, your best bet would be to contact someone at the Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association. >>
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