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when to remove cozies and do splits

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Bees were out like a summer day here. My wife found some dragons beard and the girls had beaten her to it. They must be finding a lot of flowers somehwere, it looked pretty busy at the hives and lots of pollen coming in.

Withe a forecast like this and a long range like this is it too early to remove the cozies and open up the entrances a bit?

Also when is a good time of year to do splits. These hives all seem very strong to me... maybe they aren't but i really didn't expect they would be this active this fast.

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When the foragers start bringing branches in, it's time to remove the wraps :D. That must be an entrance reducer? I don't know, the timing of wraps I don't think is even close to critical. The bees don't heat the interior of the colony, just the cluster, so the wraps IMO only take the edge off the bitter coldest nights (which you certainly get up there). However they also are unlikely to harm anything until either nectar foraging/brood rearing needs ventilation or daytime temps in the sun mean the heat from the sun on the wraps make more bees ventilate than necessary (overheating).

I'd take them off when overnight lows are no longer below, I don't know, 30F?
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