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When to check a swarm to see if she's laying

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I got a call for a beautiful swarm.
I hived them. When can I check to see if she's laying? I go on vacation day 6 in the newly hived swarm's life.

I want to make sure I've got a queen.

I'll be back day 15 swarm life time.

I'll have a hive that should be giving me new strong eggs by then (they are requeening themselves). Is that too late?
Will I risk a worker hive situation at day 15?

Can I check the swarm hive on day 5 right before I go out of town?
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Did you install the swarm on drawn comb or foundation? If foundation, they may not have been able to drawn enough comb to get her laying yet. It’s fine to check on day 5. I’d just install an excluder between the box and the bottom board so she can’t get out the door. Once you have eggs, remove the excluder.

I had one not laying after 10 days and I knew I had the queen. Turns out it was an afterswarm (virgin queen swarm). I removed the excluder and had eggs within a couple of days.
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