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when to add secound deep with new install with drawn comb

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This is my second year with bees, last year we bought nucs and things went great till we lost or hive in February. I have all drawn comb in the two packages I installed on Friday. When do I add second deep 10 frame box since all my comb is already drawn?
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When people speak of "when the frames are 75% full" they mean full of eggs, brood, honey, nectar, and pollen. The queen needs room to lay and the workers need room to work.
I'm in the same boat as you (drawn comb with packages.) It looks like we're a about the same latitude and about 100 miles apart.
I checked my hives last week (installed on 4/14) and they had lots of room. I will check again tomorrow or the next day to be sure they didn't have a marathon session.

Are you feeding?
Same as when starting with foundation, although it usually happens faster.

When the bees are using at least 80% of the frames for storage or brood add the next box. If you add it too fast you will end up with undrawn foundation or unused comb in the bottom box, and this will give pests too much room to operate, not a good thing.

Note that just having bees walking around on the comb is not the same as bees using the comb, it really must be full of stores or brood. Don't wait until you have bees hanging off the front of the hive, but wait until the hive looks crowded, that way they will build out your foundation right away.

Early is probably better than late on adding though, especially if you have only foundation.

Thanks check hives on Sunday and both hives did not release queens yet. I put a bigger hole through the candy and put them back between frames. Also since so many bees were in way of feeder (new kind that kind of looks like chicken waterer) on Friday install I put feeders on top of cover now I moved them inside on top with medium box around feeder. I am hoping they release queen soon and will wait to check on Saturday. Notice a lot of flowers in woods and around property so shouldn't have to feed them too long. Oh by the way the sugar water can that cane with package was inside but still had feed in it yesterday a lot of bees flying around coming and going.
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