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When to add queen post split?

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So, I've been trying to keep my hives from swarming...with varying success. I have been cutting queen cells, but it's not working. What I want to try next is splitting.

I understand that I can take the old queen from the mother hive with 2-3 frames of stores/brood with adhering bees and put them in their own box to make them think they have swarmed. I also understand that I can leave a couple of queen cells in the mother hive so they can replace the queen. However, can I introduce another queen to the hive instead? I want to prevent the lapse in egg laying and accompanying decrease in worker population as much as I can.

Can I do this? If so, what should the timing be?
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Yes, I've done it many times, I wait 20 minutes, up to 4 hours.
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