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When is do I inspect?

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Installed 2 packages this past Saturday. Have been feeding 1:1 sugar syrup. I went out today and found the queens had been released in both and some pretty new comb. When should I inspect again?

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You'll get different opinions. As long as the queen is out and you're feeding, there's no NEED to inspect them for at least a couple of weeks. The queen will start laying soon, but it will be three weeks till any new bees hatch. After that time the bee population will increase and you'll need to think about adding a second brood box. Remember that the current bees will be dying in the mean time, so the population will fall before it goes back up.

With that said, there's no reason you CAN'T inspect it more often, particularly if you're a new keeper and want to see what's going on inside the hive. Sure, you'll set them back a bit each time, squish a few bees, and run the risk of accidentally killing your queen, but you'll learn a lot by observing.

Bees usually do just fine on their own, but feel free to take a look if your curiosity overcomes you!
Like Bison said....but I'd leave them alone for a couple of weeks initially for any deep inspections, let the queen settle in and just monitor the 1:1 uptake. you might peek in through the top to make sure they are building out whatever foundation you've given them, and then take a look for capped or open brood to verify your queen has taken and when they get the bottom box mostly built out (7/8 frames) you can decide what's next.....What kind of feeder do you have on them?
I have an entrance feeder with quart jar.
I have an entrance feeder with quart jar.
You may want to keep an eye on your set-up later. The general consensus is that they are ripe for causing robbing. I've no personal experience with them, but have heard that it's not that they are a bad set-up, they are just prone to leaking, which set's up the, they when you have a ton-o-bee's in a little while, you'll be refilling it quite often.
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