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When can I peek?

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Had a queenless dwindle down to about 2 frames of bees. Put them in nuc added frames of honey, pollen, frame with eggs, larva and brood and more bees. Also been feeding. They've made a queen cell that should have hatched July 31- August 2. When can I check to see if she's hatched out or not? Thanks
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Its almost certain she hatched. If you really can't wait you can take a quick peek now but, remember virgins are harder to find, they will run on you and they will try and hide sometimes under other bees. After you take a quick peek leave them alone for 2 1/2 weeks then you can check back for new eggs. Good luck I still get excited every time I find a newly mated queen.
Bee careful that virgin can also fly away during a hive check. She will end up in a nearby
hive if she's not oriented to the hive yet. Some lessons learned for me there.
beepro-Thanks, forgot about that. I'll learn from your mistake.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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