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When are the main honeyflows?

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I live in northwest Arkansas, and I was wondering when
the main honeyflows start and finish? Aproximately.
Right now were in a dearth I think? But I should expect
to see more honey production before the end of the
year right? don't want to sound to much like a tard,
but I just don't know.
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In an average year Redbuds yield nectar starting the third week of March and lasts for 10 to 14 days, Clover and Blackberry start the first week in May and ends the first week in June, Sumac starts the second or third week in June and produces for about 1 week. Average spring surplus for an overwintered colony in the Mountain View area is estimated to be 60 pounds (2 medium supers) but it varies from beeyard to beeyard.

In the fall the Small White Aster produces nectar beginning the middle of September until frost. The Goldenrod seldom produces nectar here in Mountain View. Total deep frames filled in the fall is usually 3 or less per colony.
Around my parts in NW Fla you will get redbud and red maple sometimes as early as late January depending on the temps. If the weather is warm enough you will see hundreds of bees working the maple trees in basically late Winter.

We will have a clover/dandelion bloom early spring with both wild and commercial blueberries early spring along with other natural vegetation. Later in the spring we will get the melon and squash crops. I would think late May early June is probably our slowest period, June/July you will get a ton of crepe myrtles and have notced bees getting pollen off of bahia grass stalks all during the summer.

Late July till Mid August you will have cotton blooming and after that you have goldenrod. Basically it will go dormant November and December.
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