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What's wrong?

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I got 4 nucs about three weeks ago, two of them, a russian and an italian are doing great. Two, both italians, don't look so hot. When I opened them, there was condensation on the outer cover around the hole in the inner cover. They didn't buzz like a normal colony would when the inner cover was taken off. And they were just hanging around on the comb, it didn't really look like they were doing much of anything. I saw eggs for sure in one, didn't look close enough in the other. In the morning, I've noticed that there are dead or dying bees laying on the landing board. What's wrong with them?
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I haven't been feeding them, but maybe I ought to.
I checked them in the afternoon, but today was a pretty chilly day and the sun didn't come out till later, so that may be it. The one that I checked, I didn't see any swarm cells, and the other I just peeked in. I'll check for shrivled wings and everything.
Thanks a lot.
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